About Friends of Outdoor Chattanooga

Friends of Outdoor Chattanooga, Inc., was incorporated in December 2007, and designated by the IRS as a 501c3 charitable organization.  Specifically, Friends of Outdoor Chattanooga works to preserve, protect and promote outdoor recreation opportunities through education, activities and events.

We support the City of Chattanooga’s Outdoor Chattanooga division in it’s mission to make outdoor recreation an attractive, healthy, and distinguishing lifestyle for Chattanooga’s residents and visitor population, which, in turn, will maintain and enhance the value of the region’s natural and built resources, and help grow the region’s economy.

Friends of Outdoor Chattanooga are representative and inclusive of the many and diverse stakeholders who comprise the region’s outdoor recreation system. We are a leadership organization for the region, fulfilling our goals with an operating style that is primarily facilitative, helping build the capacity of our component stakeholders (i.e. outdoor recreation enthusiasts and their clubs, landowners, businesses related to outdoor recreation, natural resource conservationists, related civic organizations and government agencies, etc); and, when necessary, programmatic — directly implementing programs and services for specific needs and constituents.

Board Members:
John Karr – Chairman
Mark Przybysz – President
Lacy Word – VP
Rex Rutledge – VP
Philip Pugliese
Chris Moore
Linda Bennett
James Hurst